​In November, 1997 the Alliance for Community Peace was organized to address a community crisis in the Near north area of Chicago, IL in the Chicago Housing Authority Cabrini Green housing development. Precipitated by an autumn 1997 outbreak of gang violence and gunfire, A.C.P. stepped in to forestall Chicago Public School's desire to relocate Jenner elementary school to a safer yet inconvenient location.  A.C.P. spearheaded an initiative to organize and promote cooperation and collaboration among local economically disadvantaged residents, neighborhood  business and social agencies. Born out of this collaboration between A.C.P. and C.P.S. was "Safe School' Safe Neighborhood" initiative , "The walking School bus program",  the Jenner Family Resource Center , and an after school program at Wayman A.M.E. Church. CPS offered A.C.P. funding for a one-year pilot program  to help turn around this troubled community.  As  a result of its many successes , not only did A.C.P. receive multi-year funding from CPS, but from other social agencies  as well. Further more, due to A.C.P. efforts Jenner school remained open in the community and in April 2000, a new state of the art building was built for students and families of Jenner school to bring new hope, new life and an new dream to this distressed community.

Alliance for Community Peace (A.C.P.) has been led Rev. Dr. Walter B. Johnson Jr., Executive Director, since its inception. Reverend Phyllis Harrell has been the Director since 2007. under their shared leadership, A.C.P. has grown from a small agency with a narrow focus and a handful of young people to a respected agency serving more than 2,800 African -American, primarily low income , youth, parents and families annually across programs. A.C.P.  relies on robust cadre of volunteers, student interns and engaged parents/ caregivers to support the paid staff members in their work to impact youths' lives.

A.C.P. is a 501 (c)(3) non profit corporation that has been in operation since 1997. Its principal office is located at 7740 S. Eberhart, Chicago, IL 60619. A.C.P. is authorized to conduct business in Illinois and in the City of Chicago.

Seeing the need for culturally competent, youth- focused services for youth and families beyond the Cabrini Green community, A.C.P. opened its 79th street location in 2008, serving Chicago's south side neighborhoods. Today, A.C.P. servers 250 youth of color ages 4-21 in after-school programs, providing tutoring, homework assistance , mentoring, computer training , on-line learning,  cultural and recreational exposure outings Monday through Friday and alternate Saturdays; job training and  transitional jobs for youth returning from juvenile detention; intensive wraparound services to prevent juvenile justice involvement or recidivism: mentoring programs by and for community neighbors: school safety and academic support programs; teen led public education campaigns; spring and summer youth employment for over 125 youth; and inter-generational learning.

​​​​​ Alliance for Community Peace

Jenner Elementary

Academy of the Arts

1119 N Cleveland Ave, Chicago, IL 60610